2017 Lincoln Area Information

Things to Do (Within Walking Distance)

Morrill Hall (NU State Museum)

(On campus, about 6 blocks from the hotel) 645 North 14th St.

Sheldon Art Gallery
(on campus, about 2 blocks from the hotel)
12th & R

Tada Theatre
701 P ST

The Great Plains Art Museum
(1 block from the hotel)
1155 Q St.

Restaurants, Bars, Entertainment (within walking distance)

Barrymore’s (intimate, back stage bar with light board and curtain pulley)
124 North 13th (off the alley)

Blue Orchid Restaurant (Thai)
129 N 10th

Blue Sushi Sake Gril
808 R Street

Bolier Brewing Company
129 N 10th St, Suite B

Brewsky’s Food & Spirits (Sports Bar)
201 North 8th

Leadbelly’s (Great burgers and sandwiches)
301 North 8th St

Lazlo’s Brewery & Grill (Brew pub)
210 N 7th St

McFarland & Son’s Authentic Irish Pub
710 P St
Performer: Daniel Christian

Misty’s Steakhouse (East of the hotel)
200 N 11th

The Happy Raven (16 rotating taps, craft beer)
122 N 11th St

The Other Room Speakeasy (Knock on the door for admittance. If the light is red, the bar is full)
816 P St (off the courtyard, but before you get to the alley)

The Oven (Northern India & Bhutan) and The Cellar (Premium Liquor and over 3, 000 bottles of wine)
201 North 8th (corner building)

The Zoo Bar (Legendary blues bar)
136 N 14th St

Vega (Premier live music venue)
350 Canopy Street