Internship Information

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STEC-CAP Internship Program Description

The STEC CAP collaborators will submit a project description proposal to work with an intern. Proposals will be reviewed by the grant leadership team for approval. The collaborators with approved projects will then solicit and fill their intern positions using their established professional channels/contacts and/ or reviewing intern applications. All student applicants must submit the application in order to be evaluated on a competitive basis. Each intern position will be supported by a $4,500 stipend that will be paid by check to the student. Stipend checks will be mailed to and delivered by the internship advisor to the student intern. This stipend will be used by the intern for cost of living and associated expenses during their respective program. Travel expenses to the internship location will be covered up to $1000 with submission of appropriate receipts. Questions regarding travel reimbursement should be submitted to Sarah Reasoner at

The internship advisors will notify Sarah Reasoner at of their selected intern(s). Following acceptance, the proper paperwork will be emailed to the intern. Prompt completion of all paperwork is essential to ensure prompt stipend payment. Additionally, prior to the annual meeting the title(s) and presenters of posters are also reported to Sarah Reasoner.