Souderton Area High School Career Day

Career Day Photo

"We thank you! The students and staff were impressed by all of the presentations, the facility and all the work you are doing. I wish you could have heard some of the comments the students were making on the bus on the way home. Let me just say that the students agree that ag. science is "very cool" and your lab equipment is "sick".

At the invitation of Drs. John B. Luchansky and Anna Porto-Fett, on April 9, 2014, approximately 60 students and 7 faculty members from Souderton Area High School (SAHS) participated in "Career Day" at the Eastern Regional Research Center (ERRC). STEC CAP scientists Brad Shoyer and Laura Shane assisted John and Anna to organize and host their visit for this annual event. Allyson Fitzpatrick, a Family Consumer Science Teacher and the Coordinator of the Health and Human Services Program at SAHS, was instrumental in promoting and coordinating this event as well. The visitors from SAHS were welcomed by Dr. Sevim Erhan, Center Director of ERRC, who provided an overview of USDA, ARS, and ERRC, and shared her own insights on pursuing a career in the agriculture-based sciences. Next, the visitors from SAHS listened to a presentation developed by the STEC CAP team that was made by Dr. Luchansky. The talk was entitled "Career pathways of a food safety professional". In addition to providing an overview of the STEC CAP, which included highlighting the internship and externship program, John, Anna, Brad, and Laura shared their own experiences and career paths towards becoming a food safety professional. Additional information and literature about the STEC CAP was made available at a display/poster specifically developed to inform and promote our STEC CAP programs and people. The group from SAHS then participated fully in Career Day by learning more about careers in agriculture and the associated research being conducted by USDA ARS scientists via a walking tour of up to 12 locations throughout ERRC.